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How can we help you?

"Some people wait for change to happen, others do something about it."

Whether you have an initial idea, want to discuss a potential opportunity or have already drafted a proposal, we are always happy to chat and share the load to help projects get off the ground and make the important difference to the people of Syria.

Help us put you in touch with the right person:

  • • Do you have a project that needs implementation, extension or expansion? We can guide you to the right people who can help you through the process to find effective partners and donors.
  • • Are you in need of capacity building and more advanced HR training? You can contact us and tell us more about your needs.
  • • Are you looking for more resource strategic sharing and long-term partnerships? You can contact us to find out more about joining the Syrian Civil Coalition Network (SCC): Tamas .
  • • Is there an idea of a project or an intervention that you have in mind and need to discuss its potential, you can communicate with us and get a second opinion.

For any other queries or assistance contact our Administrative Office.
Please allow two working days for us to get back to you.